Dr. Kwiatkowski practices comprehensive adult and pediatric Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery. His specific expertise and concentration involves the treatment of Ear and Sinus disorders, however, he is well trained in the understanding and treatment of all aspects of his specialty.

Dr. Kwiatkowski’s subspecialty expertise comes from having completed a 2 year surgical fellowship in advance ear and skull base surgery at the University of California – San Diego, and from having trained 5 years at the University of Pennsylvania which was and continues to be the worldwide ‘mecca’ for sinus surgery and treatment.

Medical Philosophy

Dr. Kwiatkowski’s core belief is that the human body is inherently able to heal itself, and that disease states are situations that arise when the human bodys’ ability to heal itself is overcome by various factors, thus necessitating medical and surgical assistance to complete the job.  To this end, Dr. Kwiatkowski sees himself as that assister, and whenever possible and medically appropriate will choose the least invasive medical or surgical intervention to give the body it’s own chance to be well.  Examples of this philosophy include small incision ear surgery including ossicular reconstruction, mastoidectomy, cochlear implantation, minimally invasive bone anchored hearing aide (BAHA) device placement,  minimally invasive parotid gland surgery, and extensive utilization of in-office and intra-operative balloon sinusplasty.